Debra Nash  Psychotherapy,
Counselling And
 Group Analysis


I am an experienced supervisor providing individual and group supervision to psychotherapists, group psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and other mental health professionals.

I provide role consultation for anyone working in the caring professions.

I can support you and your team in developing and sustaining an ethos of Reflective Practice.

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Individual and Group Supervision

The purpose of supervision is to throw light on the therapeutic relationship and to enhance the counsellor’s or therapist’s skills.

If you are interested in individual supervision we would first arrange an initial session to give you a chance to tell me something about your work and previous or existing supervision. It gives you an opportunity to meet me and to ask questions. I have found it helpful if you’re able to bring a small vignette of clinical work to that session which we look at together. This helps to give you a sense of my approach and helps me to advise on whether I amthe right supervisor for you and your work.

I also offer group supervision. Therapeutic work can be isolating. The supervision group is a supportive and stimulating environment in which to discuss the complexities, challenges and rewards of our work. A supervision group has between 2 and 4 members plus the supervisor. In group supervision it is not only the experience of the supervisor that makes a difference, but the dialogue between colleagues in the supervision group; each of whom has a different perspective on the therapeutic situation.

Role Consultation and Reflective Practice

Role consultation is about helping you to achieve your full potential at work and to manage complex roles more effectively. It can help with: developing management/leadership skills, managing relationships at work, change of career, improving communication skills, managing stress, getting control of work/life balance.

I have experience of facilitating a range of Reflective Practice groups within teams and small organisations. Usually this involves colleagues coming together on a regular basis with the aim of engaging openly in the challenges of their shared endeavour. The aim is to enhance communication and to foster productive working relationships.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me here